vidar-nordli-mathisen-709723-unsplashWelcome to the online home of the Team of Three. The To3 concept came out of work with the Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center (JCRC) in Columbus Ohio. The founder of the JCRC, Fred Rieser, had a vision for surrounding individuals in recovery with a team of three individuals to come alongside and travel with them through the recovery process. Working with him, we developed a training concept to incorporate a strengths-based approach to equip volunteers to successfully engage folks in recovery. This site is an outgrowth of that initial training concept to take these methods to other organizations interested in sustaining long-term recovery in their community.


The key to the Team of Three concept is to connect three committed volunteers willing to meet with an individual in recovery over the term of at least two years. The point of this arrangement is to form friendships that reach out to support the individual in recovery using a strengths-based methodology to help them discover God’s plan for their life and their place in His world.

While we are primarily a non-denominational faith-based organization, we are willing to adapt our approach to organizations that prefer a non-sectarian approach. We are convinced that the key to ending the scourge of addiction in our communities is for individuals to embrace those in recovery as friends and valued members of the neighborhoods in which they live. There are a lot of things that naturally flow from this, but the immediate action is to become friends first and do what friends do – help each other out.

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